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Latency is a record label established in 2013 in Paris by Sidney Gérard and Souleymane Said. It explores a vast musical spectrum in dialogue with contemporary art and live performance. Latency has published physical and digital editions of diverse works from artists such as Laurel Halo, virtuoso percussionist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, and Lafawndah. In addition to the releases, Latency has organised carefully curated concerts and dance parties at a variety of events and venues including Saint-Merry Church (Paris), Atonal (Berlin) and Contact (Tokyo). The label’s distinctive visual aesthetic is reflected in their collaborations with artists for cover art (Marguerite Humeau, Jill Mulleady, Slavs & Tatars, Misha Hollenbach).


Latency © 2022. All rights protected.




Ib Kamara, Marguerite Humeau, Slavs & Tatars, Lucie Stahl, Kris Lemsalu, Jasper Spicero, Jill Mulleady, Jean-Marie Appriou, Maude Maris, Misha Hollenbach (P.A.M.), Boris Camaca, Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, Rebekka Deubner, Irwin Barbé, Louise Ernandez, Quentin Vuong, Tim Elkaïm, Alexis Rodríguez Cancino, Hugo Blanzat, Reto Schmid, Barragán, D’Heygere, Leo Doriano, Trustfall, Martha Kirszenbaum, Tristan Bagot, Thomas Hervé, Robert Glowacki, Julia Andreone, Hugard & Vanoverschelde, CLEARING NYC/​Bruxelles