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Kassel Jaeger
Le Lisse et le Strié
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KASSEL JAEGER - Le Lisse et le Strié [LTNC017] © Latency
KASSEL JAEGER - Le Lisse et le Strié [LTNC017] © Latency
1. Serpentine Mosaic
2. Prismatic Haze
3. Ocelli for NVD
4. Mortes-Eaux

Usually found on Editions Mego, Kassel Jaeger releases are notably admired for their attention to the finest textural detail, and for the way he classically draws a sense of dreamlike narrative from the ostensibly abstract and the non-musical. On Le Lisse et le Strié’ the french composer typically puts that finesse at the service of of exploring two opposing concepts of smooth” and striated” within the electroacoustic sphere. If the smooth” is linked to nomos” as an open space of organic distribution, the striated”, on the contrary, is associated to logos”, as an enclosed space defined by a grid.

Working in noumenal space between these two aspects, Jaeger uses alchemical process to highlight sound’s unparalleled, amorphous ability to manifest or suggest structural changes that practically don’t occur in any other framework of nature other than musical perception. His sounds emulate paradoxical, conceptual leaps between physical states, melting our perception of time and space and the grid” in the process, and pointing to a inception of encrypted, camouflaged sound as beguiling as a magic eye image for the ear.

May 09, 2019

François Bonnet


Vinyl, Digital, Streaming


Giuseppe Ielasi


Honest Jon’s, The Orchard

Cover art

Lucie Stahl