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Sequences (True Sentiments)
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PRICE - Sequences (True Sentiments) [LTNC021] © Latency
PRICE - Sequences (True Sentiments) [LTNC021] © Latency

Sequences (True Sentiments) is the debut album from PRICE, inviting a new pop sensibility to Latency while maintaining the label’s commitment to experimental approaches. The album is due on December 9th with a Live Premiere at Bourse de Commerce/​Pinault Collection in Paris.

PRICE is a fictional character created by Mathias Ringgenberg (b.1986, Rio de Janeiro), a multidisciplinary artist working with performance, music, video and installation. Equally, PRICE is also a construct being used to interrogate ideas around the body, language, the cyclical patterns of the Earth and the existential conundrums which humanity faces in the information age. Previously, his work has manifested at a variety of events and venues across Europe and the Americas, including Les Urbaines (Lausanne), ImPulsTanz (Vienna), Human Resources (Los Angeles), and Galpão Bela Maré (Rio de Janeiro).

As a surface impression, Sequences (True Sentiments) is expressed within the context of pop. PRICE’s voice is the nexus of the music. But it’s also an album steeped in curiosity and the desire to play with space, tempo and rhythm. At times it becomes a baroque composition, elsewhere a delicate deconstruction of folk tradition. The earthen, historically charged sound of acoustic instrumentation gives way to avant-garde treatment, and so the guitar and piano can become both experimental and conventional, sometimes simultaneously.

The collaborators PRICE drew into this project are testament to the highly developed finished project. He worked on songwriting and mixing with Canadian producer and vocalist Cecile Believe, Swiss composers and sound artists Tobias Koch and Modulaw, and pianist Sebastian Hirsig.

Throughout, PRICE’s voice is the heavenly constant – an arresting delicacy whether stark and naked, or ornately layered in harmonious unison. PRICE purposefully tests English as a lyrical medium, gently dissolving the shape of the phonics until an elegant ambiguity creeps into his words as an act of provocation against the international hegemony of the language. Deliberately avoiding the literal, Sequences (True Sentiments) is left wide-open for the subjective interpretation, posing questions for each listener to answer differently.

  1. Baroque Garage (1:52)
  2. Gowns Understanding (3:10)
  3. Loveboat (5:25)
  4. Bubble-T (1:36)
  5. Under His Breath (4:09)
  6. 2022 (1:42)
  7. Landscape Trust (5:30)
  8. Window Call (3:56)
  9. Drum House (6:25)
  10. World (2:34)
  11. Send It Out (3:28)
  12. Announced (3:06)
December 09, 2021

Cecile Believe
Tobias Koch
Sebastian Hirsig


Digital (+ LP/​CD)


Frederic Stader


Honest Jon’s /​The Orchard




Pro Helvetia , Kanton Zürich



Cover art

Reto Schmid